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Lau’s Meats, LLC
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Lau's Meat Market in Waseca, Minnesota


Lau's Fresh Deli Meat Selection

Specializing in Custom Meat Processing

Fresh Beef CutsMeat processing isn't just cutting and packaging; it takes skilled understanding of where to cut and how each of your cuts can affect the appearance, and even the taste of your meat. At Lau's Meat Market we specialize in custom meat processing. From beef to pork, we provide custom butchering followed by custom processing using the safest and cleanliest procedures possible.


How thick do you want your steaks or chops cut? How many steaks or chops do you want  in each package? How large do you want your pork or beef roasts? Do you want your hamburger in 1-lb or 1 1/2-lb packages. It’s all about customization. Our custom, cut-to-order service puts you in control, allowing you and Lau’s Meats to better meet the needs of your family.


Contact us for additional details regarding custom beef and pork processing… 507-835-1970. We look forward to helping you fill your freezer.


Voluntarily Developing Safety Procedures
Accompanying our unyielding commitment to quality, safety and service, Lau’s Meats voluntarily implemented a HACCP Plan (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). This self-monitoring safety system of food products ensures your family that safe handling procedures are monitored and documented continuously during our production process.